Nuuko Power debuts at Solar Power Africa 2024 to empower clean energy development in Africa

Mar 22, 2024

On February 7, 2024, the three-day Solar Power Africa 2024 kicked off grandly at the Cape Town Exhibition Center in South Africa. Nuuko Power made a wonderful appearance at the exhibition with its latest N-type TOPCon high-efficiency photovoltaic module products and smart energy solutions, showing its impressive strength.

Solar Power Africa 2024 is the largest and most influential industry event for the solar photovoltaic and power industry in South Africa. Energy companies and industry experts and scholars from all over the world gather together to discuss the latest trends, innovative ideas and development prospects of the solar photovoltaic and power industry.

The Nuuko Power booth was very popular. The N-type TOPCon double-sided high-efficiency module that attracted much attention has the advantages of high power, low attenuation, double-sided gain, low kWh cost, safety and reliability, etc. It is suitable for industrial and commercial applications, power stations, etc. This photovoltaic power generation scenario has attracted the attention and consultation of many professionals and customers.

At the exhibition site, participating customers stopped at the Nuuko Power booth to learn more about product performance, technical services, solutions and after-sales operation and maintenance. While sensing the attendees' keen interest in photovoltaic products, the Nuuko Power team conducted in-depth discussions with customers and partners from around the world and reached a consensus on strategic cooperation.

Nuuko Power takes this exhibition as an opportunity to bring cutting-edge solutions to the development of the local photovoltaic industry in South Africa, demonstrating its strong brand strength and technical strength in the photovoltaic industry. In the future, Nuuko Power will continue to take technological innovation and quality excellence as its core competitiveness, continue to inject new vitality into the photovoltaic market, and continue to empower the popularization and development of clean energy around the world.